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Proton X50 Sound System Upgrade


You can listen to live concert level music at home, as long as you get in the car.

You can listen to music as comfort as in home, with amazing car audio system

It doesn’t matter if you are in traffic ❗fetching your kids ❗meeting customers ❗interstate business ❗fetching girlfriend ❗ road trip travel ❗

Without DSP the sound will be come from left and right "No Staging"

After adding DSP You can enjoy live concert-level car audio!

Worry about your car warranty!?

Install DSP Won't void car warranty, our products just Plug and Play!

100% Guaranteed Safe!

You can really feel huge different before and after DSP & ACTIVESUB installation

What is DSP?

DSP is a device that processes a large amount of information with digital signals.

It is a tool for professionals in tuning.

Greatly helps to improve the sound quality.

What is Active Sub?

It’s Bass, also called Under Seat subwoofer.

Music played with boom boom boom atmosphere~~

Drum sound dives deeper and more flexible, like cello, bass, bass drum, etc.

100% Copper Wiring

We used the best quality cable to connect DSP & Active Sub to your car.

Others that create a better stereo additionally is more safe and secure.

Fuse Box

The very important and proper way in installation.

To avoid wiring overheating and burning.

Professional Tuning

Lastly, a very important step is DSP Tuning.

With DSP tuning, you will immediately feel

like you are listening to a live world-class symphony orchestra in the car.

100% different and better than the original sound system in your car.

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