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Mazda-CX5 & CX8 Upgrade Plug & Play Sound System

Mazda's owner was amazed and satisfied with the stereo's result

Now, everyone no more WFH. Road full of cars and jam everywhere.

Can you imagine how frustrated , sitting at the car for one hours with noisy and headache audio system.

Don't worry , we are here to help !!!!!!!!!!

We have solution for CX 5 , to improve your audio's quality and driving experience.

๐€๐๐๐ž๐ ๐ƒ๐’๐ & ๐€๐‚๐“๐ˆ๐•๐„-๐’๐”๐

Without DSP the sound will be come from left and right "No Staging"

After adding DSP You can enjoy live concert-level car audio!

Worry about your car warranty!?

Install DSP Won't void car warranty, our products just Plug and Play!

100% Guaranteed Safe!

You can really feel huge different before and after upgrade sound system

Custom A- Pillar

Without Blocking Driver's eyesight

A-Pillar will be the perfect position,

sound can directly go to your ear without any obstacles.

Custom Made Side Door Speaker

MDF Board prevents vibration of sound, making the stereo more soft and smooth.

MDF Board is the best choice for a perfect stereo.

Speakers are cover with water proof casing.

What is DSP?

DSP is a device that processes a large amount of information with digital signals.

It is a tool for professionals in tuning.

Greatly helps to improve the sound quality.

What is Active Sub?

Itโ€™s Bass, also called Under Seat subwoofer.

Music played with boom boom boom atmosphere~~

Drum sound dives deeper and more flexible, like cello, bass, bass drum, etc.

Benefits of Sound Proof

/Reduces interior noise, exhaust and tires /Quiet relief and comfort after a tiring day /Improved car stereo sound quality /Better focus while driving

99 % Copper Wire Cable

Quality Guarantee power cable, create better stereo

Professional Tuning

Lastly, a very important step is DSP Tuning.

With DSP tuning, you will immediately feel

like you are listening to a live world-class symphony orchestra in the car.

100% different and better than the original sound system in your car.

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