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Italy TEC Precision HI-END Car Audio

Just The Best , Since 1968

TEC car audio brand was founded in 1968, and it has developed for more than 50 years. Since its establishment, TEC has always taken the belief of "just the best" as its brand tenet, and is committed to creating high-quality audio technology and artistic crystallization;

The years have been honed, but it has lasted for a long time and maintains a strong vitality.

Italy TEC car audio brand has become a classic in the field of car audio. Listening to TEC car audio can make people feel the artistic beauty of expressive music, and also enjoy the graceful charm.

TEC is the shining "crown jewel". As a car audio brand with a long history in Italy, TEC has been leading the development of the Italian car audio industry for many years, and impact on the Italian car audio industry; many Italian car audio brands are also derived from TEC.

TEC was very well known in the car audio HI-FI industry and is also deeply trusted by people. As long as you come to Italy, you can always easily meet TEC sweetly.

TEC means "Technology", which represents not only the beauty of art but also the crystallization of audio technology. TEC passionately pursues research and development and has always insisted on applying various new scientific and technological achievements to the field of car audio.

Brands such as Scan speak, Seas and VIFA, which are well-respected in the field of civil audio, have chosen TEC as their partner in the research and development of car audio technology.

Specialized for Mercedes Series

Mix and Match: MT4F+MT4RX+MT200

TEC Specialized for Mercedes-Benz, including 4-inch two-way set speaker MT4F, 4-inch coaxial speaker MT4RX,

and 8-inch subwoofer MT200,

the owner can flexibly match accordingly.

Upgrade MT4F paired with MT200 to form three-way audio. You can also add an MT4RX speaker to improve the centre sound field; the rear sound field can be upgraded with two MT4RX coaxial speakers, or you can upgrade the MT4F two-way set like the front sound field.

6 speakers, 7 speakers, 9 speakers or 11 speakers, you can choose and match freely.

Specialized for BMW Series

Front sound field: TEC BMW dedicated two-way set BT4F + dedicated bass BT200

Rear sound field: TEC BMW dedicated two-way kit BT4R

Center: TEC BMW special centre set horn BT4CN

From the installation hole to the wiring harness, it completely fits the original BMW car without harming your car.

It can be disassembled and installed immediately, and there is no trace of modification after restoration.

Front sound field: BT4F with BT200, sound field special audio set is rich in layers and resolution, the three-dimensional sense is stronger, the vocals are full and real, the bass is strong and powerful, and the treble is crisp and sweet, allowing the listener to feel the realism.

Rear sound field: Equipped with a two-way frequency set BT4R, as a supplement to the front sound field speakers, and also allows the rear passengers to experience the same sound quality as the front passengers.

In addition, BT4CN Centre Mid Speaker form a 360° surround without any leaks.

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